Internal Voices

Have you ever wondered what life as an intern in Brussels is like?

Internal Voices will tell you exactly that. We are an online magazine run by and for interns, stagiaires and trainees working in Brussels. Our editorial team are interns at the UN and EU institutions. Internal Voices aims to collect articles and opinions that give a snapshot into the social and working lives of Brussels interns.

The first issue of Internal Voices was published in 2007 as a print magazine for interns of the UN Regional Information Centre in Brussels. In 2009 it expanded to include UN interns across the globe, before narrowing its geographic scope in November 2012 to Brussels only, but also to include interns from other institutions.

We publish articles on a wide range of issues from a Brussels perspective. Within the ‘international issues’ section, our topics focus on anything from Europe to the environment, from human rights to health, and even culture or conflict.

The ‘intern life’ section is intended to provide information on life in Brussels for young working people. Here we will post information about upcoming seminars, conferences and social events as well as reviews of past events.

Internal Voices needs you!

We are always looking for contributions from interns currently based in Brussels. If you would like to get published during your internship or if you just love writing, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Contributions on all topics are welcome.

Please visit the ‘Write for us’ section for guidelines and information on how to submit your contributions, or send an email to

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