Gentse Feesten – entertainment for all ages

Friday 17th of July was the first day of the famous Gentse Feesten, a yearly festival organized in the beautiful city of Gent. The center of the city is dedicated to serve as the festival area. There is music, culture, food, various shows and events for all ages. Approximately 100 000 visitors explore the festival every day so be prepared for some crowds especially later in the evening.
This excellent festival has been organized already for 170 years! Today there are six various festivals organized at the same time and hundreds of activities. The organizers describe Gentse Feesten as both an urban festival, a cultural event and a large-scale popular feast.
Tuesday 21st of July was the Belgian Independence Day and national holiday so it was an excellent time to visit the Gentse Feesten. The weather was sunny and warm and the atmosphere in the city lively and positive. First I visited the food truck festival where you can find delicious portions from Thai curry to insect sushi – if you are really open-minded to try new things.
Around the city you could find small music groups or individual artist playing drums or violin. Around every corner there seemed to be something interesting to see. In the Polé Polé area near the canal there are bands playing every day starting at 4PM. And the best part of it all – it is for free. I warmly recommend to go and try it and at the same time enjoy the beautiful architecture of the historical Gent city center. Trains from Brussels run frequently and the journey takes about one hour.


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